Making sure the privacy of your employees and clients is protected

Data Privacy Guard anonymises your privacy sensitive data without the need to change the way you work with your data

Get started with anonymising your data quick and easy

Implementing and configuring Data Privacy Guard is achieved in a matter of minutes without the need to change your existing processes

Anonymise your datasets through a single, portable, configuration file which integrates with your development, ETL and deployment processes

Configuration is simple and straightforward and provides maximum flexibility how you want to anonymise your data

An anonymisation method for each data source or data type

No matter where, or how, your data is stored Data Privacy Guard can connect to it and anonymise it

We support a wide variety of solutions in which your data is stored, ranging from relational databases like Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server to flat files types like CSV

Anonymisation methods can be configured on a per-column basis, allowing you to decide exactly how you want your data to be anonymised

Focus on security and performance

We take great care in handling your privacy sensitive data using parallel and concurrent processing to minimise the time spend anonymising your data

The entire anonymisation process happens in-memory, meaning no un-anonymised data will every leave your data source while we are processing it

Data Privacy Guard minimises the time spend anonymizing your data by using parallel and concurrent processing of your datasets

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